Meet Dr. Hayden

Dr. Hayden

Dr. Hayden is a neuropsychologist with a Ph.D., in Clinical Neuropsychology, and is registered with the College of Psychologists of B.C. since 1992. She is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor with the Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine, at the University of British Columbia, and holds Adjunct Faculty status at Simon Fraser University. Dr. Hayden has worked at UBC Hospital (in the Clinic for Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders) since 1993. She has provided neuropsychological evaluations in private practice to various neurological populations for over 23 years, and accepts referrals from WorkSafe BC, WCAT, ICBC, RCMP, and Lawyers. More detailed information regarding her professional background and experience is available in her Curriculum Vitae.

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