Our Approach

The NeuroHealth Clinic is a private service clinic that provides assessment, education, and support to individuals with concern for their memory or other aspects of cognition (thinking). Such concerns occurring in mid-life and beyond may represent the normal aging process, the consequence of medical issues (chemotherapy, pain, or other physical issues) or other factors (mood, stress). However, to determine if such issues in memory and thinking are related to the earlier stages of dementia (such as Alzheimer’s Disease), neurological conditions (seizures, stroke, brain injury), mood (depression, anxiety) or other medical issues, a neuropsychological evaluation is often of benefit. Determining the cause of memory loss or cognitive change is important to initiate possible treatment options, as well as for use in future care planning.

In addition, the NeuroHealth Clinic provides access to education and resources pertaining to healthy aging and maintaining brain health.

The NeuroHealth Clinic is committed to provision of timely and individualized care of the highest quality in the context of a functional medicine approach, in all aspects of available service.  Dr. Hayden and the staff of the NeuroHealth Clinic will do all they can to ensure your experience is a positive and beneficial one.

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